Preparing for Internships, Jobs, and Graduate School
in Computer Science

Outreach Teaching Research About

Internships and Jobs


Finding Positions to Apply For

Preparing Your Resume, LinkedIn Profile, and Project Examples

Preparing for a Techincal Interview
It is common to have a technical interview as part of the interview process for a Computer Science job or internship. A good idea is to get together with a group of CS students and practice asking each other questions (do practice interviews with each other).

Graduate School


Note: this is an example of a timeline that lets you work on preparing for graduate school applciations over a period of two years. You can start preparing for graduate school during or after your senior year, but will need to compress this timeline.

Finding Graduate Programs to Apply To
Talk with the Skidmore Career Development Center, and with your CS professors about your interest in graduate school. Finding a good graduate program for your interests is an individual experience.

Typical Application Requirements
Every program has its own requirements. This is a list of what Computer Science graduate programs in the United States typically require.

Sources of Financial Assistance
Many Computer Science graduate students are able to obtain financial assistance that covers tuition and provides a small stipend for living expenses. This information is specific to graduate school in the United States.